Rehband Blue Line Elbow Sleeve

Rehband Blue Line Elbow Sleeve is an ideal weightlifting elbow brace, tennis elbow treatment, combat sports brace, and more. It supports peak performance, superior protection against injury and ultimate comfort for training and competition at all levels. This 5mm thickness elastic elbow compression sleeve offers powerful stabilization and support for your elbow to maximize heavy lifting, increase muscle control and help prevent injuries.

Sold in individual units. 



Train longer and recover faster

Provides elbow stability, compression, and warmth

Patented anatomical design for superior fit


This elbow sleeve is designed help prevent the occurence of tennis elbow, elbow tendonitis, golf elbow and chronic or acute elbow soreness related to wear and tear injuries, soft tissue overload and elbow strains. It can be used as a carpal tunnel elbow brace, tennis elbow brace or elbow tendonitis brace, while effectively supporting maximum performance and comfort.


  • 5mm thickness elastic elbow compression sleeve
  • Precise anatomical design for controlled power and optimal leverage
  • Suitable for all sports, activities, and skill levels
  • Rehband is a premier brand in athletic equipment and sleeves
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